Sunday, July 03, 2005

Stacy Vacation 2005: Day 3: Nakai the Breakfast Show

"Ouch! Goddamnit! Jeezus that's frickin' cold!"

An exact quote from the shower of my room at the Hotel Congress in downtown Tucson.

It's a fantastic hotel, filled with loads of history involving the final capture of the outlaw John Dillinger.

And plumbing possessed by his rascally ghost apparently.

On my final morning in my room I finally figured out (damn I'm dopey) that if you adjust the cold faucet and NOT the hot, you may be able to have a fully enjoyable shower without screaming obscenities.

Every breakfast I've had in Tucson has been more entertaining than any show UPN is trolling out over the airwaves simply because of my nephew Nakai.

In fact, if there were a 24 hour cable channel of his antics, I would subscribe immediately.

Once Nakai is set into his high chair, he immediately needs to grab...something. Anything. Preferably colorful or shiny.

His parents usually bring a toy and a few stuffed critters, but they usually end up on the floor many yards away.

Or in someone else's lap.

Internally, I'm laughing hysterically. I smile, but make sure not to laugh, because that would negatively reinforce the behavior.

And probably upset my sister and her husband.

So I smile and continue to watch as Nakai carefully organizes the silverware on the table, over and over and over again.

Usually they have to hide the sugar packets because they're colorful and fun to tear open.

I also enjoyed the continued spooning of ice cubes in front of him. He loves to chew them with his extremely sharp teeth.

He gets that from his grandmother and uncle. We love chewing ice. It's a stress reliever.

Once departing the Nakai Breakfast Show (hey, it's free!), we took a drive up to the very top of Mount Lemmon.

It's over 8000 feet in elevation at the top.

And 20 degrees cooler.

Did I mention it was over 100

This was also fantastic because I hadn't had any exercise since I arrived, and that's my primary way of eliminating fluid from my weary body.

We hiked (ok, I'll be honest, everyone except Nakai...he was driven up) to a stream nearby and watched as Nakai was fully engrossed in rock throwing.

Sure, he can't pick up the bigger rocks, but boy can he heave them.

He wandered over in my direction and I put my arm out so he wouldn't fall.

His grip is memorable, if not a little painful.

He reached down into a small puddle and pulled something out to hand to me.

It was a spider.

I jumped straight off my sitting rock, but it didn't phase Nakai. Off he was to another rock.

He loves to organize, especially nature.

We then made our way back to Tucson and stopped by this amazing record store. Big as a grocery store and filled with records, I asked where the comedy records were.

I had to be escorted because they were all the way in the back, back, back.

I began to hear heavenly angels singing. A beam of bright light filled the room.

An entire row of hundreds upon hundreds of comedy records.

I walked away with Don Rickles, a Steve Martin album I never knew existed, George Carlin and a Frank Sinatra to frame for my wall.

All in all a good haul.

Dinner was some fantastic mexican food.

I'm using "fantastic" a lot in this post, aren't I?

Well, I had a great time.

I miss my baby sister immensely, and finally had a chance to get to know my brother-in-law better.

Once we arrived back at their home, Nakai made the announcement that it was time for bed.

Uh, ok.

My sister went to put him down while my brother-in-law browsed his movie collection.

You know how when you tell someone you haven't seen a certain movie, like, you know, "Reservoir Dogs" you get that look of astonishment, like your head just exploded or something?

That was the expression I was handed.

Which is why the movie was immediately started.

Tarantino is a God when it comes to bubbling, memorable dialogue that dips into your memory and leaves an amazing aftertaste.

At least that's what I believe.

After that it was time for me to turn in. I hadn't travelled anywhere since dialysis began over a year ago and I was beat.

Tomorrow I'll have to leave, but I'll be ready, only because my body needs an oil change.

If you hadn't already surmised, my family rules.

And I love them very much.

The maudlin level of this post is gurgling over, so I must conclude.

Nephew's rule.

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