Monday, September 19, 2005

So Long Vicodin and Thanks for All the Buzz

I've spent the last twenty minutes dusting off my blog. It's been a rough two weeks since my last blog entry, so I'll try to illuminate on why I haven't been able to compose anything of merit lately.

--- I gave up Vicodin.

For the last sixteen months I've been slowly using more and more Vicodin to ease the miserable pain of Dialysis. I never quite understood why people could get addicted to painkillers, because they never really seemed strong enough to really ease my misery.

Then I met my good friend Vicodin and Dialysis became an inconvenience rather than a hellish episode of Everybody Loves Hell.

Three weeks ago I thought I had food poisoning because I couldn't keep any food down. Blood was taken, tests were done and viruses were nowhere to be found. I recently had an Upper GI Exam and no blockage was discovered.

Today is Day 5 from my personal breakup with Vicodin. I miss her, but not in a "I can't live without it" kinda way. Dialysis has been painful, but if I've discovered anything about myself in the last year and a half it's that I am stronger than I ever realized.

I'm still throwing up, so a problem is still present, but at least I'm free.

--- My Dad was hospitalized.

Two days after my last post he came out of his pain medication stupor (seems to be a regressive theme in my family lately) and didn't remember ANYTHING that he did or said.

That's probably for the best, but the words he spit at my mother are burned into my memory and I doubt time will be able to pave over them with any success.

--- I had writer's block.

I despise when my creative juices dry up.

I know. Ewww.

I've gone through these periods in my life when nothing seemed to have flavor, as though someone took my color and tint knobs and turned them all the way down. Then broke the knobs off and chewed them into oblivion.

When I enter this type of period, I don't want to compose anything for fear it will lack the usual Stacyish that most of my writing relishes in.

I mustard up enough courage to ketchup with my blog and spread that previous sentence like mayonaisse all over the bread of my blog. Lettuce rejoice.

Sorry. I couldn't resist. I'm trying to digest a $2.99 Happy Star Burger from Carl's Jr. and it's wandering around my intestine looking for a place to drop off it's small wallet of nutrition in hopes that I'll live through the entire experience.

Or something like that.

--- Update: The Stacy Radio Show Mailbag

No. I never did call the letter writer. Vomiting isn't a pleasant aphrodisiac so maybe once that ceases I'll have the courage.

But probably not.

This blog entry was a waste of the alphabet.

This just in: a, e, i, o, u and sometimes y are all on strike.

The remaining entries for the remainder of the week will be written using trigonometric equations written with ink from the blood of characters from cereal commercials aired exclusively on Nickelodeon.

I knew I picked the wrong week to give up Vicodin.

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