Friday, October 21, 2005

The Angel of Mercy, Part I: Barren Wasteland of the Soul

(STACY WITHOUT AN E has closed the door to his office at work and is curled up on the decades old carpet weeping uncontrollably. He has not slept in over a month now and it's starting to create an ocean of emotional pain within the confines of his soul. The ANGEL OF MERCY appears to travel with stealth like precision through his uncleaned and grimy ear to try and discover the true reason for his insomnia, and if hope is still an option...)

Without any forewarning of her appearance, the ANGEL OF MERCY materializes above STACY WITHOUT AN E's desk, her arms crossed shaking her head disapprovingly.

Surprisingly, she is dressed as STACY WITHOUT AN E would wish her to be: her short, cropped raven hair dances just above her ears as a beautiful midnight blue sundress adorns her frame. By all appearances, she would seem to be diminutive and shy, but the fire in her deep brown eyes betrays such a facade.

The ANGEL OF MERCY crosses her arms as she strokes her chin, peering up toward the decaying ceiling.

"Yeah, I'm sick of seeing him like this too."

She pauses between sentences, as though responding to no one in particular.

"Are you sure about this? It hasn't been tried in ages."

The ANGEL OF MERCY sighs and places both hands on her hips, rolling her eyes.

"You sure this isn't going to be too painful?? I meant for me."

The flourescent lights flicker on and off, slowly at first, and then more violently as all the typical items of a normal office dance momentarily on STACY'S DESK.

"Ok, alright. Sheesh."

Her speech quickly turns sarcastic.

"I know. I'm the Angel of Mercy, blah, blah."

She takes in a deep breath as she presses both hands together tightly while shutting her eyes. A sudden breeze takes hold of her sundress and whips it mercilessly.

The lights above flicker on and off quickly once again and begin to spark. The walls shudder as the ANGEL OF MERCY summons the power of the Almighty, diving head first into STACY'S RIGHT EAR.

The ANGEL OF MERCY lets out a scream that echoes off the interior walls of STACY'S MIND. He fell unconscious some minutes ago due to a lack of REM sleep, so they went unheard.

The ANGEL OF MERCY'S crumpled mass lay on the floor of STACY'S MIND. Slowly she raises her head to find herself inside a large, pulsating half dome. With each of STACY'S hearbeats, the entire dome beats red, expands and then relaxes, over and over again.

The ceiling framework is made up of STACY'S VEINS, and if one were to look closely, they would see individual red blood cells making their way through STACY'S BLOODSTREAM. Each red blood cell seems lonely and fearful, for there are few freinds to join due to STACY'S DIALYSIS and KIDNEY FAILURE.

She peers down to find her wardrobe, along with her location, changed as well.

"You've GOT to be kidding."

As she rises to her feet she finds that she's now wearing a skin tight leather jumpsuit.

"This guy has some really annoying fantasies."

Within the shadows of the nearby wall of STACY'S MIND, the ANGEL OF MERCY can hear crunching.

"Whatever happened to the good old days where I simply show them what their life would be like if they never existed?"

A wave of thunder rumbles through STACY'S MIND as the ANGEL OF MERCY shakes her head in agreement.

"You're right, too sitcomey. I agree."

The crunching becomes louder as she takes gentle steps in its direction. With each beat of STACY'S HEART, the light becomes more and more luminous.

"Oh God, that's disgusting."

The ANGEL OF MERCY covers her mouth as a huge mass of a man devours a hideous yellow substance piled high next to him.

"Excuse me, who would you be?"

His massive red eyes open wide as he takes in the beauty of the ANGEL OF MERCY. As he grins, three or four teeth jut out of his mouth in different directions. As he starts to laugh, layers upon layers of fat dance in unison along his gluttonous belly.

"Isn't it obvious? I'm Guilt."

"Ok, I understand. But what are you...eating?"

GUILT stretches one of his bulbous arms into the yellowish mush and shovels it into his gullet, content with the taste and texture. As he continues to speak, pieces of his meal fall into his belly and absorb into his skin.

"These are all the tasty instances where Stacy Without an E feels guilty about something."

The ANGEL OF MERCY glances at the mass as it hugs the nearby dome wall of STACY'S MIND, making it's way nearly to the top of STACY'S HEAD.

"Why is there so much of it?"

GUILT seems thrilled to expand on his wealth of nutritional knowledge.

"You see, Stacy doesn't just feel bad for the small injustices he's caused, but for his very existence."

The ANGEL OF MERCY has crossed her arms again, rubbing her chin attempting to take this all in.


"Ok, how about this? All those trips his parents had to make over and over and over again to San Francisco for Stacy's checkups, that Guilt is in this pile somewhere. Making his family worry about him time and time again, that's in here too. That last piece I just bit from, that was from putting his mother in so much pain during the first kidney transplant."

The ANGEL OF MERCY covers her eyes and bows her head.

"So let me get this straight. Instead of putting those memories aside and dealing with them, he's been storing them for all these years??"

GUILT grabs a small piece that's jutting out from the pile and knaws on the top.

"Thamert's ruhite. Mmm. Makes me happy. I'm never gonna go hungry. Before I was assigned here I talked to other Guilt's and they weren't as, oh, well developed as me."

"Doesn't he have any friends that he console in, people that he can unload this on."

GUILT bellows out a frightening laugh as a massive amount of gas expels from his hidden ass.

"Oh," GUILT says sheepishly, "sorry. Find FEAR, he'll be better suited to explain the situation to you."

The ANGEL OF MERCY suddenly jumps and looks down because something is grabbing at her leg. A small mass of what can only be described as goo is reaching up in an attempt to get her attention.

"Do you have any compliments, I'm really hungry."

She glances back at GUILT with a question upon her face.

"Oh, that's Stacy's Self Esteem. Cute little critter, isn't he?"

The ANGEL OF MERCY bends down as though she's reaching for a lost pupply.

"You poor thing, what can I get for you?"

STACY'S SELF ESTEEM is doing his best to stay in solid form. Every so often he glows deep green and seems to liquify, but before he can dissolve he closes his eyes and retains his shape.

"Just tell me I'm handsome. Tell me what a good job I do. Tellmetellmetellmetellmetellme..."

The ANGEL OF MERCY holds him close and rocks him back and forth in her arms.

"Sssshhh. It's going to be ok. You're the most adorable creature I've ever seen. You're doing a great job here. Everybody loves you."

Suddenly SELF ESTEEM grows in mass and becomes too heavy for the ANGEL OF MERCY to hold.

But as soon as the ANGEL OF MERCY sets him down, he starts to return to his weakened state.

"I don't believe you! You're lying! You don't even like me! I can see it in your eyes, you despise me!"

SELF ESTEEM starts to cry as he slowly worms his way across the floor.

"A woman like you would never find me attractive. Why do I even try? I can't believe you even touched me."

SELF ESTEEM's voice trails off as he disappears into the shadows of STACY'S MIND.

"He told me this would happen."

"What's that," asks GUILT as he continues his gluttony on the memories of Stacy's past.

"That I wouldn't be able to save him."

She bows her head, arms still crossed and slowly makes her way across the pulsating half dome of STACY'S MIND.

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