Saturday, February 19, 2005

An Introduction of Stacy Without An E

Today is the premiere of my first ever "real" blog. I'm pretty excited about this. I'm all tingly all over. Since I'm huge on lists, I find the best way to introduce myself is with:

Top 10 Things You Should Know About Stacy Without An E

10. I've survived on this planet for 34 years. At least half of those I've spent (or squandered, depending on your point of view) dealing with health issues. I can't wait to discuss my disdain for the medical industry.

9. Physically, I'm a cross between Pee Wee Herman and Gilligan. If you're wondering why that doesn't sound very attractive, it's because it isn't.

8. I annoy the general public by pummeling people into submission on my dorky radio show. It's not in a Top 100 market, so don't get too excited. I can't wait to discuss my disdain for the radio industry either.

7. I've had two kidney transplants and survive solely on spite toward God. If this bothers you, that's where the "politically incorrect" part comes in.

6. I could survive happily for the rest of my life by eating nothing but pizza and enjoying time with women. Keep in mind that I use the word "women" with nothing but appeciation and awe for the female species. If the world were run by women, most of our overwhelming problems would be eliminated. We would just have to tiptoe around every 28 days or so, that's all.

5. I'm the frickin' moodiest man you've ever met. I've had two women's kidney's transplanted into me and I have a feminine first name. The addition of that thrilling equation is a guy who's "really fun" to be around.

4. I work too many hours for too little pay and I'm still trying to recover from all of my medical bills. That means I get really excited when I can actually afford a hot meal.

3. I have no issues whatsoever with my family. Ok, I used to with my Dad, but it was so long ago that I'm over it. My Mom and sister are angels and I try to call them every Sunday.

2. I'm probably permanently psychologically and emotionally damaged from all the pain I've endured and suffered through with my health. I tried going to a psychologist, but if I'm going to pay $140 a session, there better be a massage and three course meal included. I stopped going so I'm still screwy, thus, this wonderfully honest blog.

1. I adore short-haired women and squiggly.

I wouldn't be a true friend if I didn't include Joolie's blog: She shoves needles into people's arms, but don't hold that against her...

I also have to thank Joolie for inspiring me to start this new blog. I had started one on our station website, but if I'm as honest there as I am here, I'll be fired immediately.

Stacy's Mood Presently: Extremely frustrated.
Stacy's Mood Before the End of the 3-Day Weekend: Exhausted.
Stacy's Mood 3 Weeks from Now: Hopeful.
Stacy's Mood 3 Months from Now: Medicated.

This prologue blog probably wasn't finished by most of you, but that's ok. I forgive you.

Adore the squiggly.

Stacy Without An E