Monday, December 12, 2005


At exactly what point in the history of this country did good manners and courtesy take a backseat to being a complete and utter asshole?

Today was filled with examples of people who are cruising through life with huge blinders and an ego filled with contempt and disdain for other's feelings.


My neighbors next door started blasting their stereo for the umpteenth time. I never hear any lyrics, but the rumbling bass wakes me from my slumber and puts me in a relatively grouchy mood. Monday's always start off poorly because I feel like crap after a weekend of too many fluids and not enough rest.


I'm following a middle-aged person into Dialysis and reach my hand out to take the door that I'm assuming they're going to hold open for me.

Nope. Not happenning.

I'm still semi-conscious because of the early hour, so the incredibly heavy door swings back and pulls me with it, nearly chopping off my hand at the wrist.


Elderly Obese Man waddles in and takes a seat directly next to mine. Fine, no problem. He looks friendly enough.

Until he turns on his TV.

I ask him politely numerous times to turn it down, but he acts like he doesn't hear me. I'm 18" away from his chair so I know he can hear me because he just answered all the tech's questions quickly and with ease.

I ask one tech after another over the course of the next 2 hours to have him turn down his TV, but after they walk away, he turns it back up again.

So the remainder of my Dialysis treatment continued without any televised entertainment and with a throbbing headache for my trouble.


This happens every day and it just boggles me. Every day I leave Dialysis I drive right around the speed limit, which is 35mph on Dutton Avenue here in Santa Rosa.

And every day I glance in my rear view mirror to discover that someone is about to drive into the bed of my pickup.

Every Dialysis day, every drive to work, it's the same thing and it's very frustrating.

I deal with these tailgaters like I always do.

I drive slower.

They eventually start flailing their arms and honking, speeding by me and flipping me off while they run the next red light.


I've barely been on the air twenty minutes and the idiots at the rock station are blasting their music again.

It bleeds over the air when I open my mic, but nobody in management seems to care.

I try not to care, but I do, which just adds to the problem.


I need to get out of the building, so I quickly drive to the nearby shopping center to get a bite to eat. I find a parking spot in the next row and I'm about to pull in. I have my blinker on, I'm prepared to turn and someone else screeches in and takes my spot.

The guy gets out and smiles at me giving me one of those hang loose gestures.

Congratulations. You won the Asshole Lottery of the Day. I hope you're prepared to be hung by your toenails and forced to listen to Enya albums until your testicles burn off.

It's now 7:06pm, Christmas music is blaring over our station and I could care less about the holidays.

It's not that I don't adore Christmas, I do, or at least I used to. I tried to put together some gift baskets over the weekend, but mindless idiots with stretchy pants and hats that say "No Fat Chicks" clog the aisles looking aimlessly at all the shiny crap to purchase.

Are people this rude everywhere? Is this just a California epidemic? Or am I just expecting too much out of the general public?

I remember fondly my days in radio in New Mexico. People held doors for you and addressed you as "sir" or "ma'am" without a hint of sarcasm. If your car broke down, people jumped out of theirs to push you out of the way.

I fear for my country and my fellow man. This is just the beginning. This is how it starts.

Rudeness leads to hate. Hate begets violence. Violence spawns suffering. Suffering devours hope, and once that's drained, there's nothing left to live for.

Overly dramatic you say? You're probably right.

But that doesn't mean I have to put up with it.