Tuesday, January 03, 2006

My Favorite Greek Goddess

We met merely by chance three years ago.

The first night we must have talked for eight hours straight. About anything and everything.

To this day, we still do. And I still have a little crush on her. I've told her so, and I realize this gives her all the power, but I don't care.

She's adorable. Short raven hair, full lips and beautiful bright eyes that give away the truth of all the suffering she has endured.

When you think you have it bad, there's always at least one other person who has it worse.

My Greek Goddess lost her second kidney transplant due to medical error and she's been paying for it ever since.

What one needs to realize is that everyone who must endure Dialysis on a weekly basis reacts differently. And to different degrees.

Overall, in retrospect, Dialysis has been very kind to me. I still struggle to work full time, but I am still employed and continuing as best I can.

My Greek Goddess hasn't been so fortunate.

She has a catheter that is starting to clog, so her Dialysis treatments haven't been as strong as they could be.

I can speak from experience when I say this robs you of any ability to function normally and you can't wait to try again at your next treatment appointment.

Hoping, praying that you receive the best Dialysis possible.

Now with a New Year looming, she's just been informed that her disability is in jeopardy.

She is one of the strongest, most intelligent women I've ever been blessed to know, but she called me in tears today.

Whenever I hear her cry, I can feel my stomach caving in on itself. I want to slap on a cape, blue tights and fly to her rescue.

But I'm no superhero.

I am travelling to visit her tomorrow in hopes of giving her support and reassurance that everything is going to be ok.

Whenever I see her, I want to give her a big hug, but I can't.

Every muscle in her body screams for relief. Every incision beckons for silence.

So a true, meaningful Stacy Hug can never happen.

What do you do for someone you care so much for, but has so much suffering looming over her every single day?

If you have an answer, I'd pay to hear it.

Good night and take care my favorite Greek Goddess.


  1. Go see her. Do what you're doing. Seems to me you can leave the cape and tights, you're doing ok.

  2. Stacy your support and love (and humor) are as good as hugs for her. She's very fortunate to have you.