Sunday, April 16, 2006

I Hate

I love the three or four people who take their valuable time and spend it on my dopey little blog.

Because along with the nuggets of wisdom and the slices of advice, come little unique surprises.


If I were to start a Dialysis exclusive website, this is EXACTLY what I would title it.

I spent a good two hours browsing this site and posting my thoughts to different topics.

It's basically a site started by a Dialysis patient, for Dialysis patients to vent about their frustrations over everything Dialysis related.

My posts are scattered all over this site like bad gas.

And I'll keep visiting, because I found some answers today.

For example, I have incredibly dry skin because of my condition and the trials of Dialysis. When I scratch my face, little flakes of skin fall down on whatever dark shirt I'm wearing and make it look like I have a huge case of chronic dandruff.

I'm a huge fan of wearing black. It suits my mood most days.

So now I have a few suggestions for face creams that work great for my condition.

Also, my hair has been falling out.

In clumps. In the shower drain. On my pillow. On the weight machine at the gym.

It's embarrassing and chews on my self esteem.

I discovered that the heparin that they administer EVERY FREAKIN' DAY is probably to blame.

You may be wondering: "Stacy, why couldn't you get answers to these questions from the staff at Dialysis?"

Because when it comes to most Dialysis clinics, as long as you're not dying, they could really give a squat.

Not their concern. Not their problem.

Because of my venting there and here, my head is on a little straighter today.

And some days, that's all I can really ask for.

That, and a short-haired brunette who doesn't run screaming when she sees my Dialysis arm.

Well, I can dream, can't I?

Yes I can.


  1. Yay, Stacy. Dude, you crack me up.

  2. *standing ovation*

    I tip my hat at you as a fellow Dialysis goer.. I love their stuff is so funny..It's dialysis humor that non dialysis people get..Its great! i can finally "brag" about being "kidney-less"