Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Crest of the Listener Wave

Most of the time people really piss me off.

Somewhere in the mid-80's, this country adopted a "fuck you, please me" attitude where it was every soul for themselves.

This annoys me to no end.

Dialysis patients blasting their TV's and failing to adhere to normal hygiene practices.

Fucktards failing to hold the door open so it slams down on your innocent wrist.

Clinically obese co-workers who swallow five pieces of pizza and then complain about why they can't lose any weight.

And then I receive a letter like the following:

Dear Stacy...

Last year I remember listening to your show and your comments about Dialysis. Ending your show with comments of "off to Dialysis" or thoughts about meeting girls but afraid to let them see your arm really hit home for me at the time. My husband just had a fistula put in his arm and we knew Dialysis was coming soon.

Last November he started Dialysis. As you know it is a total loss of freedom not to mention the inconvenience and pain. It turned out that I was a match for him and he now has my kidney. Our surgeries were in April. Every day is a gift to us now.

When I listen to your show, I always think and hope that a kidney transplant is in the future for you. People who have never been on Dialysis or have someone close to them who is on it, never know how hard it is. People need to know that is it OK to give one of your two kidneys away and live a normal life. I sincerely hope there is a new kidney for you in the near future.

Good luck.


In response, I write in kind to Louise:

Dear Louise...

I want to sincerely thank you for taking the time to send a letter detailing you and your husband's ordeal with kidney failure. Please know that I am glad to admit you and your husband to a special Transplant Club. My mother and sister are both members and have never had a health issue related to donation.

I am also a little ashamed to admit I am a little envious and not for the reason you probably suspect. Your husband is a lucky gentleman because he has had someone to share the hellish experience of surviving Dialysis. Loneliness and despair can occasionaly hinder the healing process when it comes to recovering from Dialysis.

And don't be surprised if your husband adopts a few of your quirks or preferences. After my Mom's kidney was transplanted, I loved nothing more than salty food and chewing ice. Right after my sister's kidney was accepted, I found myself with an insatiable desire for anything chocolate.

Oh yeah, and now I occasionaly sob at sad movies. Sssshhh. Don't tell anyone.

Thank you again for taking the time to write. I wish you and your husband good health and good times.


Stacy Without An E

P.S...I will keep the small slice of hope for humanity you've freely given me and prepare to use it next time another member of the human race fails to save any for the rest of us.

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