Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Stacy Dating Attempt 2007

Right around the turn of the New Year, I will be celebrating just a little bit more than usual because the Stacy Blue Devil Truckmobile will FINALLY be paid off.

That frees up $350.12 each and every month. Since I've been allowing my slightly dented truck to take over my life for the last few years, it's time to take it back.

I believe it's time to start dating again.

There have been two primary reasons why I stopped dating and I'll share them with you now:

1) I've been broke for the last three years.

2) Women seem to shy away from guys with needle marks up and down their arm.

More duckets in my pocket and long sleeve shirts speak to me softly that it's time to find a short haired brunette to laugh and make out with on a continuing basis.

Since the only women I meet are on Dialysis or nurses in the ER, I've taken some advice from my office neighbor and decided to try

I've browsed through the profiles and set my requirements:

1) Must be between the ages of 28-40. It's been my experience that women younger than 28 haven't quite figured out who they are and women over 40 might just be a little too jaded. I could be wrong in both respects, but that age range works for me.

2) Must be my height or shorter. What's highly hilarious is that a number of women on the site who are 5'4", 5'5" and the like want gus who are 6'2" and taller. That strikes me as quite odd. My personality is 7'2" so they'll just have to miss out.

3) Must not have any kids. I love kids, but I'm just dipping my toe in the treacherous waters of the dating pool so I should probably date slow.

4) Must have no expectations. If you're on this site looking for a husband, I'm probably not for you. I'm probably not a good husband for anybody, but that's beside the point. Or next to it. I'm not sure, it's pretty late.

5) Must be silly. Silly is the only thing that gets me through the day. Goofing with listeners, joking with the clinic tech's. Without that, I've got nothing.

So here is a mock profile I've composed. You may believe it to be off kilter and ridiculous, but that's pretty much me in a spoiled nutshell, so enjoy with an open mind:

(Since Stacy is having trouble composing an introduction to his profile AND he just conked out from a Steve McQueen marathon, his roommate's moody cat Cinder has decided to compose this section...)

Stacy is a bewildering roommate sometimes, but he always scratches me behind the ears, so I guess he's tolerable. He seems to spend an inordinate amount of time watching movies and whenever my owner asks him, "Hey, remember that movie with so-and-so," he seems to always know the answer.

He's also contradictory because he'll try and save money by making his lunch every day for work, but then he'll go and spend $300 on new clothes. I've never understood that. I prance around naked and I'm pretty happy. Go figure.

His conversations are usually punctuated by a startling amount of laughter. Sometimes it wakes me up so I give him a dirty look. Then I roll around in his bed so there's cat hair everywhere. That'll teach him.

Stacy often makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up because he'll be talking about this and that and suddenly exclaim, "Let's throw a day's worth of food in our backpacks and just start hiking!" Or, "George Carlin's at the Fillmore tonight. We're there!" Some people enjoy that "drop of a hat" sort of personality, but it tires me out.

Speaking of which, it's time for my mid-morning, post-sun bathing nap.

So, in conclusion, if you enjoy lots of attention, like your neck scratched and appreciate having food snuck to you when your owner's not looking, Stacy's probably for you.

And by the way, if you know a good tabby with impeccable hygeine and a fashionable flea collar, let me know. I'm single too.

Is this even passable as a profile? Will nothing but cat owners respond? Should I have asked Cincer before posting her comments?

Cinder likes to crap and completely miss the catbox, doesn't pay rent and hisses at me if I scratch her on the wrong side of her head so I think I can quote h
er directly, don't you?

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  1. wI hate that you seem to mention at least three times a post that you consider me to be too freakishly tall and perplexed by my own identity crisis to be a dating candidate of yours. I am weeping as I type this.

    I think that's an excellent entry as all non-humoured lasses will be immediately weeded out. I think it's a piece that can additionally touch the hearts of cat haterzzz AND lovers. Maybe.

    Are you going to chronicle every thingy on this blog? Because I would probably die of suspense if you didn't.

    Oh, and what does't thou think'st of cycle 7 of ANTM thus far?!?!