Thursday, June 01, 2006

Themz Blessings on Da Floor

I know I haven't blogged in quite some time. I've been somewhat numb, for whatever reason.

I had writers block keeping me from entering my blog. It was as high as the proposed border fence and had these nasty, sticky weeds that grabbed on to your clothing when you tried to enter.

As I attempted to climb, I slipped in a giant pile of elephant poop.

The elephant in question turned out to be my own fear of writing something crappy.

So to speak.

I'm one of those frightful goons who actually constructs blog posts in their mind. They're usually built upon a foundation of gooey ideas that don't quite mesh together, but they're there, trying, hoping for some coherent message that would be worthy of the ever burgeoning blogosphere.

Is it any wonder my blog is black with dark grey type? That's mostly how I feel lately.

But every so often, and more often than not recently, I witness people or events that remind me that, much like Kevin Kline uttered at the end of "Grand Canyon"...

"I think it's not all bad."

--- A poor elderly woman was hunched over in her wheelchair outside Dialysis, looking broken and beaten by the procedure, waiting patiently for the shuttle to return and grace her with a trip home.

Dialysis hasn't stolen my ability to drive.

--- An unkempt middle aged man tries to catch a nap in a parking garage stairwell while the business of daily commerce swirls around him.

Dialysis hasn't prohibited me from continuing my career and making a living.

--- A funeral procession crawls by the main business strip in downtown while family members of all backgrounds and ages slowly shuffle through, the memories of their loss keeping them from moving their feet any faster.

Dialysis hasn't kept me from travelling to see my parents or my sister and her family, all of whom are still alive and relatively well.

--- A lonely gentleman tries to attract as little attention as possible as he quickly makes his way up the steps of the movie theater, hoping no one will notice he's attending the latest summer blockbuster alone for the umpteenth time.

Dialysis hasn't kept me from spending time with my friends and fully enjoying their company on a regular and entertaining basis.

I should have died when I was nearly fulfilling my destiny as a teenager. But because of a heaping tablespoon of good timing, green leafy medical technology and a dash of delicious fate, I'm still here.

Surviving and thriving. Not bad considering the circumstances.

Suck on that Dialysis.