Sunday, December 23, 2007

Stacy's Christmas Adventure 2007: Day 1

I must say with as little ego as possible that I did pretty good for Christmas this year. I've always felt that any truly great gift is properly thought out and is something the individual would truly want for themselves. It should cater to their likes or their needs as only you, as their friend or family member, would know.

Which is why I was excited to give The Greek Goddess her gift this year.

I feel really bad for her because she's been really sick the last few years and hasn't opened a Christmas gift in at least two.

That's something I made sure I would remedy this year.

She is a graduate of Boston University and a published poet. So I started simply by putting, "Gifts for Writers" into Google to see what I could find.

You have to be careful with any search engine. They always give you Sponsored Links first which I'm always wary to click on. I prefer to go to the first link and go from there based on popularity.

You're right, the populace could be full of moronic idiots. But I take my chances anyway.

I happened upon a number of sites that do something rather incredible. They take keys off of classic typewriters from the first half of the twentieth century, remove the keys (I know, a true tragedy) and turn them into jewelry.

The moment I discovered this I knew I had my gift.

You know that excitement you feel when you have in your possession a gift you know someone will love and appreciate.

I've felt like that for the last six days.

I made the trek out to the East Bay and we had lunch at a Mexican restaurant overlooking the waters of the Bay. Even though it was crowded, we received our food promptly.

Now normally, I'm hesitant to eat a lot of food at one time. It has a tendency to return and ruin my desire for any food. Fortunately, my digestive system was agreeable today. Apparently it knows it's the holidays and that I deserve a good meal this time of year.

And the Greek Goddess looked adorable as always. She didn't eat a lot but that's ok. We had a good time and even though she had stated we couldn't open our gifts to Christmas Day, I needled her enough that she gave in.

We drove over near the water for a nice view and we opened our gifts. I went first. I received gifts that only someone who truly knew me would know I'd like.

I now own a Pittsburgh Steelers Rubik's Cube. It's a combination of my two favorite things and will now be displayed in my office here at work. I also have two new collector cars to add to my massive collection of Matchbox and Hot Wheels.

All in all, a very good day. I rarely have a chance to feel that way so I'll cherish this day for many years to come.

Day 2 will be with my parents in the armpit of California...Stockton. And Christmas Day I'll be with my best friend, his wife and their little nine year old son.

For once in a great while, Christmas is something I'm looking forward to this year instead of dreading.

And that's probably the way it should be.