Saturday, January 12, 2008

$3657.08 And Counting

That's how much the student loan type people still want from me before they forgive the fact that I borrowed the money in the first place.

The first question that leaps to mind is, "At your age, why do you still have student loan payments?"

It's called Deferment or Forbearance depending on when you declare either.

I blame most of my lack of financial sense on credit cards. And medical bills. Mostly medical bills. But mostly credit cards.

The sincerely wacky thing is I never spent the money on anything of value, it was always for food and gas until the next miniscule paycheck. Which I presume is pretty valuable considering you need both to exist in today's economy.

Every month $300 of my paycheck goes to the Extremely Hungry Loan People. What would be nice is to discover what is the money being used for NOW?

I imagine it's a cycle that's just beginning for another poor college student. Books and tuition devour money like it's post-drinking pizza.

I will be sending the remainder in December 2008 plus any extra interest that might be left over.

And at this point, there's only one way I can imagine I can celebrate.

Don't incur anymore debt.

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