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Stacy's Top 5 TV Shows of 2007

Keep in mind, I'm not a TV reviewer, so all the following reviews are highly arbitrary and completely at the whim of what I could get NetFlix to mail me in the past year.

Thus, these are not necessarily new shows from the past years, just the ones I found time (ha!) at Dialysis to view.

That was a pretty boring disclaimer to what follows. I'd go back and delete it, but that would take too much energy and the tank is needling "E" right about now.

5) "The Office"

I can't get over how addicted I am to this show. I had only read about the British version and attempted to view it on PBS, but the accents are so thick I couldn't make out a word anyone was saying.

I can't name one episode that I haven't been entertained by. The office is run by a numb skull of a boss in Michael, pitch perfectly played by Steve Carell. Give it five minutes and you'll recognize someone from your own workplace that you either despise or pine for.

The real reason the show is so entertaining is the writing and many of the cast members on- screen are also writers on the show. Ludicrous situation's are balanced with moments of humanity that may surprise you. Rent Season 1 immediately. You can thank me later.

4) "30 Rock"

The funniest show on television. Tiny Fey has crafted a Mary Tyler Moore for the new millennium: a normal, working 30-something woman trying to find sanity in an asylum full of crazies. Alec Baldwin steals the show every time he's on screen, but Tracy Morgan and Jack McBrayer also bring fantastic comic timing to the proceedings. Much like "The Office" above, rent Season One and thank me later.

3) "The Sopranos"

I've always considered the first thirteen episodes of Season One to be a standard that the remaining seasons never quite achieved.

Until Season Six, the final season.

There was a big question mark dangling over this season as to why David Chase and his crew took so long to release the final two halves of Season Six. As you watch, it becomes highly apparent. There is a deliberate pace in storytelling this season that allows events to happen naturally. Nothing if forced, everything is honest and forthright.

And the controversial ending? In hindsight, pitch perfect. When I first viewed it, jarring as all hell.

2) "Six Feet Under"

Each episode begins with a rather unique and sometimes troubling death. Through the endless funerals at the Fisher Funeral Home, we learn about the lives of an extended family that's just as dysfunctional as the rest of us. Even for all my love for "The Sopranos" this is my favorite HBO production of all time. Alan Ball's creation was helped by an underrated cast that brought their vast talents each and every week.

And the finale was pitch perfect. I can't remember the last time I was so satisfied by the ending of a series.

1) "Battlestar Galactica"

Ron Moore (formerly of Star Trek) took the original promising premise from the seventies TV show and updated for a whole new generation. The series begins with parallels to 9/11 as the Cylons, who've been dormant for forty years, suddenly declare war on the human factions. The Galactica is about to be turned into a museum but survives because their computers aren't linked by an updated network and aren't felled by a Cylon computer virus.

War, betrayal, loyalty, politics, love, faith, conspiracies-a-plenty and cliffhangers galore. Don't be put off if you're not a science fiction fan. The show just happens to take place in space (at least until Season 3) I still have Season Three to watch on DVD and Season Four premieres on the Sci-Fi channel in April.

Since I'll be turning my life over to six days a week Dialysis starting Monday, if you've got a show on DVD you'd like to recommend, I'd love to hear about it.

I've got plenty of time to watch.

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