Friday, January 18, 2008

Stormy's California Vacation

Stormy was mingling about the Northern Portion of Alaska, chilling everyone to their inner soul when he decided he'd had enough.

Alaska was boring.

And not just the run-of-the-mill boring where you yawn a few times and then take a nap. Then wake up, devour a ham sandwich and flip around on the tube realizing five hundred channels has not made you a better creature.

Stormy decided since the weather never changes, he'd take a quick vacation down to California. He believed he'd make all the news channels with a little visit to the Sunshine State.

And he was right.

As Stormy approached the thermometer dipped to the low to mid 40's. And just to make sure the attention stayed, he spread snow down to the 1000 foot level. A little hail and sleet in the low lying valleys.

Then he was tired so he took a nap, just planting himself upon the upper half of California, content in the fact that he actually made a name for himself.

When he awoke two days later, he found that people were still talking about him.

They never talked about him in Alaska because nothing ever changed.

But then Stormy heard a loud clap of thunder and the air reverberating against his mass.

"Oh crap," thought Stormy. "I forgot to tell Mother Nature where I was going."

And she was pissed.

"Stormy, why aren't you in Alaska where you're supposed to be??"

Stormy was going to submit and simply crawl back to the Alaska tundra, but he knew that wouldn't make him happy.

"Look what I've accomplished MN! Take a look! They're all talking about me!"

Mother Nature closed her eyes and meditated upon the conversations miles below. Surprisingly, Stormy was absolutely right.

Stormy lowered his voice and sheepishly continued.

"I'd really like to stay for a while. It's just a little vacation. Alaska is so boring and nothing ever changes. These people aren't used to these conditions. I'm all they talk about."

Mother Nature rumbled lowly with bouts of thunder as she mused upon his request.

And then a huge smile came upon her face.

"Alright Stormy. But you only get four more cycles. Then you must return."

Stormy was so excited he dropped another half inch of snow near the 1500 foot level of the higher elevations. A little hail in the valley. Stormy was ecstatic.

As Mother Nature faded into the distance, Stormy began to map out his weather for the next four cycles. That's when trouble blew in from the North.

Breezy was here. And he didn't care for the fact that Stormy was getting all the attention from Mother Nature.

So he blew. And blew again. And blew some more. And there was nothing Stormy could do about it.

"Why are you doing this?" he asked Breezy.

"You think California's fun. Wait until you get to Colorado. They'll love you there too."

Stormy tried to continue his weather cycle, but it was too late. He was already fading past Lake Tahoe.

But then Stormy realized, this is what he always wanted. To give new lands and different people weather they'd never encountered before.

Little did he know, as he made his way around the planet, that he'd be back. Just in a different form.

Stormy would morph into Blizzard. And then Monsoon. Later that year, Hurricane.

And he loved every minute of it. The original Stormy found his purpose in life.

Eventually the warming waters dissipated his strength and he evaporated and spread upon the seas.

But Stormy finally found purpose and that's all one can really hope for from Life.

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