Sunday, February 03, 2008

Time to Check the Stacy Radio E-Mail Bag

I just realized how dopey "E-Mail Bag" is, but it's post-Dialysis and I'm too tired to go back and type something more catchy and in tune with today's young people.

Every once in a great while a very sweet e-mail arrives in my inbox that is complimentary and reminds me that people are actually listening. I've mentioned before how the IQ of the average listener drops exponentially the moment they dial up a radio station. Believe it or not, live people still do answer the phone at the radio station.

At least the high quality, caring ones do.

I arrived at work today to this mutual admiration society e-mai:

So, you are going to have to forgive me, this is the first time that I have ever taken the time to E-mail a person from a radio station... usually the radio is just a means to an end while driving either short or long distances, minus all that talking in between :) However, working in an office listening to the annoying click of the computer, I have wisely invested in a radio and love to listen to your station, that is whenever there aren't cell phones going off around me and everything gets drowned out by the annoying sound of static.

I have listened to you for a long time now, and really enjoy when you come on in the afternoons. You have great things to say, and I love the questions that you ask in the afternoon, makes me actually stop and think for a minute. You have mentioned several times about your dialysis and having to go and sit and get your medicine and everything, but I never really stopped to think about it.

Tonight I needed to come on and do some work and so I recently learned how to tune into the station online and can work and sing along.. not all that well, but it passes the time and gets the job done. Tonight though i wasn't looking forward to working, so i clicked on your image.. very cute by the way :) and realized that you had a Bio about yourself and couldn't resist reading.

While you are quirky and i little nerdy... come on.. Star Trek... you're killing me! You also seem like a really nice guy that has had his ups and downs but all in all has a great outlook on life. I am sure that you have heard it often enough, and i am sure the last thing you need is your ego inflated, but i just wanted to let you know that the little information that you gave about yourself really showed a lot about what kind of person you are. I think that you are a really strong person, that has had a few bumps and bruises with the cards life has dealt you, but ever time i hear you on the radio you always sound up beat and happy, even if you aren't.

I just wanted to take a moment out to let you know that i had read about you and what i thought.. you're cute, you sound sexy, you're funny, and a little dorky and nerdy.. but it's endearing :)
Hopefully after reading this, you're not too offended and by this time may even have a slight smile on your face. If you get the chance i would love to hear from you again, otherwise, please know i enjoy listening to you every afternoon!

Have a great night!


In responding to an e-mail such as this, you have to be careful. Cordial can quickly morph into stalker and next thing you know it's after hours and someone's using a sledgehammer to break the glass to get in to meet you.

But that's another radio story for another day.

At the very least, comments like these remind me that there are actually living breathing masses of protoplasm out there who actually hear my dopey little comments between the songs.

I speak, I get paid and I have a helluva lot of fun in the process.

It's also nice to hear "you're cute" every couple of years or so.

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