Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Stacy Channel

Punching the lifeless buttons on your universal remote, you might chance upon my life.

Black and white scratchy images subjugated by a muted tone. An audible hiss that rises and falls depending on how much suffering is taking place on screen.

The whole affair witnessed through a filter of hopelessness and despair.

Events transpire and try as you might, you can't turn away.

Caramel colored vomit splashing uncontrollably over the face of an unwitting toilet bowl.

Splattered blood canvasing a virginous t-shirt.

A barely audible whisper of an elderly woman begging to die.

The sound of death muted by an ambulance siren.

The reaction of baring witness to this circus of horrors should be obvious.

Be glad you're not me.

Now chance the channel.

I wish I could.

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