Thursday, August 14, 2008

What I've Learned From My Parents After Forty Years of Marriage

On Monday, August 18th my parents will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. Knowing them, since their children aren't in the vicinity, they will probably spend as little money as possible on themselves and go to bed early after a quick kiss goodnight.

But after baring witness to their successful forty year union, I would like to share what I have learned about marriage compliments of their example:

--- Public displays of affection are nothing be afraid of or ashamed of.

--- A shared sense of humor can help you survive any hurdles life throws at you.

--- Saying "I love you" should never get old.

--- Good marriages survive regardless of how ugly the last argument was.

--- Never forget why you married in the first place.

Every since I was a young kid, I knew one day I wanted to have what my parents created: a good marriage filled with love and laughter. Although I've reached near the edge of the shallow pool of middle age, I know one day I still want to be married.

I tried endlessly to get my sister to join me in surprising them at their secluded ranch in Oregon, but to no avail.

Sometimes the possibility of happiness is all you can hope for.

My backup plan was to buy what I can only refer to as a "thing" since that's all it would have been. If I've learned anything over my travels it's that "things" don't make people happy.

Especially not my parents.

In fact, they cause them to suffer a boatload of furious.

I bought my Mom flowers for Mothers Day for the first time in years.

I received a talking to that made me revert to ten year old Stacy being scolded for breaking some other "thing" that would cost too much to replace.

So to my Mother and Father, who I love and miss dearly, and whose devotion to one another is something to be honored and cherished in an age where marriage has been twisted and torn by those with political agendas too confusing to detail, I thank you for setting an example that I envy to this day.

Happy 40th Anniversary.

P.S...And thanks for never pressuring me to get married.

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