Sunday, January 18, 2009

Stacy Vacation 2009: Day 2...Early Dizziness & Later Triumphs

Weak. Exhausted. Full of doubt as to whether I would arise today or not.

If it weren't for the Pittsburgh Steelers, I would still in bed stewing in my own lack of hygiene.

Eventually managed to pull myself together around 1:30pm with a shower and a shave and a desire to see the Pittsburgh Steelers reach the Super Bowl.

For those who may believe I'm a fair weather fan, here are my credentials as follows:

--- My father grew up in Wheeling, West Virginia, three hours from Pittsburgh.

--- My father worked as an ironworker for 20 years on both coasts, thus living up to the origin of the team.

--- I watched all four 70's Super Bowl's on my Dad's lap in our giants easy chair.

--- The year that the Steelers went to Super Bowl XXX, my father and I went to one of their final wins that season at the Oakland Coliseum. As we were waiting for BART, everybody was quiet except for dotted fans along the breezeway talking crap. Creepiest ten minutes of my life.

--- In 1990, my father purchased my first and only Pittsburgh Steeler jacket. I am wearing it as I compose this entry.

I called my parents immediately after the game and my Dad didn't want to talk too long because he was having immense back pain. I spoke to my Mom, who's also not feeling well these days.

This saddened me, but I was hoping they could join me here for Super Bowl XLIII.

I can't travel because of my six day a week treatments. Chalk up another score for Dialysis.

I'm willing to have treatment early on Friday and then drive the nine hours to La Pine, Oregon, but they'll have nothing to hear of it.

I just thought of an idea.

What if I were to drive there without them knowing??

They would be angry for a little while, but that would eventually evaporate.

I will have to muse upon that.

All in all, Day 2 of the Official Stacy Vacation 2009? 60/40.

I'm going to workout. Thank you and good night.

P.S...Make sure to sign on to @ 6pm this Thursday, January 22. I will be a guest on the Dr. Anonymous Show with guest host Kim (who used to be a tech at my clinic) I'll be discussing my illness, how I've dealt with Dialysis treatments and about this blog.


  1. Is that6pm pacific time?

  2. Yes, 6pm Pacific Time on Thursday, January 22nd.

    If I had any brains I would have made the clear.